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4 definitions by The_Swampfox

A NASCAR fan who leans against the chain link fence to get even closer to the race.
Look at that waffle belly down there! He's almost though the chain link fence!
by The_Swampfox July 11, 2011
Someone who loves to eat pussy almost more than fucking it.
Eldon is such a Tongue Surfer that all the girls want to get him alone.
by The_Swampfox April 08, 2009
Someone who loves coochie (pussy) so much they can't get enough of it. They want to see, smell, and taste it continuously...maybe even more than fucking it!
Eldon had all the girls after him when they found out he was coochie whipped!

What a Tongue Surfer!
by The_Swampfox February 02, 2010
Hypertrophy is the increase of the size of an organ or in a select area of the tissue.

Amy was so excited that her labia hypertrophied open minutes before she came!
by The_Swampfox April 30, 2009