2 definitions by The_Real_Everyman

The Everyman. Great lover of Aurelia, goddess of the Mediterranean, kicker of ass. Destroyer of all things. Especially when drunk.
He can do anything, he is a real Troy.
by The_Real_Everyman February 14, 2010
pronc - (Oh really yah)

1. Exotic goddess born of the Mediterranean sea. Half French, Half Moroccan beauty who kindles the desires of men. Satisfied only by her insatiable apatite for her Everyman.

2. Temperamental, egotistical woman who contradicts your assertions with baseless facts from nonsensical sources. See also American Jackass
1. That chick is an Aurelia!

2. Goddamn it, stop being so Aurelia. You don't know everything.
by The_Real_Everyman February 14, 2010

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