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A complete and mean idiot. People who like to shove you out of nowhere saying "ballin'!!!!". They often listen to mainstream hip hop and rap with Tupac and B.I.G. They usually get bad grades and act dumb. Gangsta's shall be classified as the ghetto/igger family. The 5 types of iggers are Wigger(white nigger), Nigger(this is just for ghetto blacks), Aigger( Asia/Middle nigger), Spigger(Latino nigger... from racist word spic), and Meigger( A middle eastern nigger). These ghetto people are mean and stupid. They must be stopped now. Words can't even explain all of it. They usually all can not speak or write english!(The Spiggers usually speak bad Spanish and English). These people usually have a ghetto Myspace which is very disgusting. If only I could show you guys a few. These ghetto "Gangstas" also are a bunch of sluts and "pimps". No matter where a ghetto person is from they're proud of it. Wherever they're from and their ancestry...they'll try their hardest to make it superior. They were clothes such as Roca Wear, Ecko Unltd., Fubu(not as much), South pole and spray painted shirts. These ghetto people love money,jewlery,expesive gym shoes...and football and basketball. They tip their hats side ways or backwords and lift it up. They love to watch BET too. They love hip hop, rap, and modern RnB. They make their "music" so superior to everything else by getting other ghetto people to support them. The hair style for the guys is usually a shaved head, a shaved head with designs or a flag, an afro, or braids. They girls...just dying your hair and having it in many different styles(pretty much the same with a lot of women). These ghetto people are mean and have no respect for anyone. They think they're "Ra" or "Tight". These people are so stupid too. They'll end up dropping out of school. Help get rid of these gangstas or ghetto people..please.
You have to see for yourself. Just look at a ghetto Myspace. Down with the "Gangsta"
by The_Orlonater April 12, 2007

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