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Mount Neeb is a mountain in Bristol - England.

The mountain is legendary to followers of the neeb. Legend states that the mountain harnesses the true power of the neeb, and to achieve this, you must give offerings to the mountain, such as money, or sticks. The followers also claim that worshipping Mount Neeb is a vital part of life. Followers will square dance, skip, pray, and do many other activities on Mount Neeb.

The mountain also offers marriages upon it. Although they may be expensive, they are way better than marriages upon the less significant Mount Noob.

Also, the legendary movie The Wrath Of Mount Neeb was based on this very mountain.
Greg: Hey, anyone up for going to Mount Neeb tomorrow?
The rest of "The Goon Crew": Hell yeah!!
by The_Neeb January 04, 2006
A series of mountains in Bristol - England.

Nicknamed by followers of the Neeb Legend.

The higher up in the series the mountain, the more important the mountain. The mountain list is as follows:

Mt Neeb
Mt Noob
Mt Naab
Mt Nub
Mt Nib
Guy #1: Hey, wanna marry me?
Girl: Sure!
Guy #1: Let's do it on Mt Noob!
Girl: Mt Noob? No way, that's for poor people who can't afford marriages on Mt Neeb!
Guy #2: Hey, if you marry me, we can get married on Mt Neeb
Girl: Wooo!! Sure!
Guy #1: Damn you, stealing my girl just because you can afford a marriage on a mountain higher than Mt Noob in the Bristol Mountain Series!!
by The_Neeb January 04, 2006

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