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A person who grapples a scrotum in a very harsh and unusual manor.
dude: "dude, my girlfriend is a total sackGrappler!"

Guy: "oh, I hate it when my girlfriend is like that".
by The_MuslimiZer July 09, 2009
A person who can slow down or "Lag" their digestive system so they can't crap for very long periods of time.
Jon: "dude, I just found out that I am an Anal Lagger"

Xavier: dude that is freakin' amazing, can you teach me?

Jon: no.
by The_MuslimiZer July 09, 2009
a very stupid person. Also can mean, rapist, dick, assface, anal bagger, and teabag chewer
that kid is such a pavlus
by The_Muslimizer June 20, 2009
A state of being,

to become a person from Islam, and China,

Also, to be a muslimizer, and to muslimize someone
"dude, did you just see that!?"

"that chick just got muslimized"

"Oh shit nice"
by The_Muslimizer August 02, 2009
a English slang term to have sexual intercourse
"dude, I'm going go bombard stephanie later"
by The_MuslimiZer July 07, 2009

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