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also know as plumping. this term is a little more descriptive though. the term is derived from the idea of macking on fat chicks, a.k.a. plumpers. it is also a great american pasttime, much like baseball.
"Hey man, wanna go plumping tonight?"
"What do you mean by plumping?"
"Fat macking man!"
"Oh!!! Of course I wanna go, that's my favorite pasttime."
by The_Milk November 07, 2007
(v) when one or more men go out to a club, a bar, or the local McDonalds strictly to hit on and/or hook up with fat chicks or plumpers. Plumping usually requires a wingman in order to deal with the skinny, attractive girls, but not always.
"Hey dude, me and Joe are gonna go plumping tonight, wanna come?"

"Sure, I love to go plumping, do I have to be the wingman again? I hope not."

by The_Milk October 31, 2007
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