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1 definition by The_Marionette

The word "otakii" is derived from the root "otaku".

Otaku is an extremely negative word used by fans of anime & manga to express extreme obsession of said content. Most people use this word to refer to someone who has no life and spends their days reading or watching anime & manga or playing video games. It has become a horrible insult to most.

Otakii is a group of people who believe enjoying anime & manga can be done without being an obsessed, no-life loser. These select otakii refuse to put themselves into the same weeaboo group of your typical "otaku". An otakii is a pretty awesome person with more than just anime in their lives.

Otakii also have an official website to enjoy anime, manga, games, and general life. Otakii.com.
1. Have you been on Otakii yet?
2. Welcome otakii, to the new brand of otaku.
3. Why be otaku, when you can be an otakii?
by The_Marionette May 14, 2010