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3 definitions by The_Inventor_of_Shrimp

The mess found in a child's diaper.
Oh my God! Honey, bring a pull-up and a bag of tortilla chips! This child has made a TON of quacapoopie!
by The_Inventor_of_Shrimp January 23, 2005
The clear sauce you put on a pussy au jus open-faced sandwich.
Growling at all the herbivores, he rose from the feast, not bothering to wipe the groin gravy from his mouth.
by The_Inventor_of_Shrimp February 12, 2005
The creamy vaginal discharge accompanying sexual arousal
"Yummy!" he said, grabbing a spoon and helping himself to a heaping dollop of buttercrotch pudding.
by The_Inventor_of_Shrimp February 12, 2005