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16 definitions by The_Hawk

Legendary gladiator who is famous for his compassion. Rather than brutally killing his opponents after defeating them as was the common practice and tradition of the day, Warmicus Fuzziness would simply draw his initials, WF, in the sand next to his fallen opponent and thrust his weapon into the ground sparing his opponent's life. This is why it is common practice to honor Warmicus Fuzziness's memory by signing any Warm Fuzzy you make <3 WF.
We definitely made Warmicus Fuzziness proud this week.
by The_Hawk August 06, 2009
Arguably, one of the best camp breakfasts there is and yet also one of the simplest to make. A bullseye is made by removing the center of a piece of bread and putting it in a greased cast iron skillet on a grate over a campfire. Then, an egg is cracked and dropped in the hole in the bread (hence the name bullseye). Finally, cheese and/or ham is placed on it and it's allowed to cook, flipping as necessary. However, pepperoni (or ronies) can also be used in place of the ham or it can be eaten plain.
Can I have a bullseye, ham and possibly ronies
Tell me Kathryn, do you want your eggs cooked up sunny side
I want to sleep
Don't you dare close your eyes!!!
by The_Hawk August 07, 2009