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The number one sourse of 'bling' and 'phat rags'. All must have fake gold necklances can be brought by chavs at low prices.
Oi u goffik! I iz propa frostd, look at me blingin' rags frm argos!
#chav #bling #rags #cheap #shop
by The_Guru April 06, 2006
A bunch of talentless wannabe hardmen who's so called 'music' makes many people want to either vomit violently or die on the spot.
Listen to blazin squad?! I'd rather lube up and enter Mr T!
#shit #chav #crapola #bollocks #wannabe #prats
by The_Guru April 23, 2006
Could well have been a bad year for many things, but Contrary to the adverts, a VERY bad year for beer. The legend goes that in this tragic year someone took a slash in a bottle, and a poor peasant with no taste buds found it and proclaimed it to be beer, from then on the bloke who'd pissed in it in the first place decided he was on to a nice little earner...
Moronic advert narrator: '1664, a bad year for composing, a good year for beer'
Me: 'LIAR!'
#piss #france #beer #lies #bottle
by The_Guru October 25, 2006
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