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1)(noun): a girl that wears too much make-up
"Hey Marc you see that clown whore over there? I'd get gummy from her but I might disturbe the small eco enviorment she got growing on her face"
by The_Guminator January 16, 2004
1)(verb): the (violent) fucking of the face where the mouth is treated as just another hole.
2)(ver): to have been owned
"How'd you do on your test? I got scull fucked"
by The_Guminator January 16, 2004
1)Andy, Zaid, Bashar, Starr, etc
2)a penis
"What a ZUBAR!"
by The_Guminator January 22, 2004
1}(noun)-Similiar to the act of scull fucking, but less pelvic thrusting(aka passive scull fucking).
2)(adjective)- a hot girl, or one who posseses traits that are eye-pleasing
3)(archaic)(noun)- to do well in something
"I DEMAND gummy"

"The gummifacation process started as soon as I first laid eyes on her"

(archaic)"How did you test go? I got gummy"
by The_Guminator January 16, 2004

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