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A fraternity/sorority mixer where the guys wear trenchcoats, the girls wear whatever, and some people get raped.
Frat boy 1: Dude are you going to skate rape tonight?
Frat boy 2: Hell yeah!
*high five*
by The_Greatest August 20, 2009
Spanish translation for melon thief.
When a girl has breasts like she is stealing some cantaloupes/honeydews/melons.
God damn! Melissa is a ladrona de melones.
by The_Greatest August 20, 2009
1.a name in kyrgyz which means the greatest and the person in charge(ruler)

2.An awesome person from Kyrgyzstan, who will one day: become the president, find a pattern to prime numbers and crash all of internet because of that, solve the global warming and the energy crisis and eventually rule the world!
by The_greatest November 03, 2013
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