3 definitions by The_Dormant

The opposite sex of a Kev.
look at that sexy chick. God she must be teh kev man. I just can't stop looking at her. Maybe we can wank together.
by The_Dormant February 13, 2008
The strongest person ever. He is a well-known famous beast. He is the strongest person and is a living legend in a game called Runescape. All bow down to him. Everyone shall suffer the wrath and fury of him.
The Dormant, I, I stumble in your presence. Please forgive me my lord. I...I truly am sorry. Forgive me legend.
by The_Dormant February 18, 2008
Someone who's heart is pure full of scum pornography and lack of faith in its mind. Often a person who suffers from A.D.H.D., currently has S.T.D. or HIV Viruses and usually have to go to cheap hospitals with poor housing and hospitality.
Person 1: Guys this 33 year old man is suspected of being a puregoya. Where gonna need to transport him to Investigation Centering. Detective: He is a puregoya. He is going to go to Children's Health Center even though they are battling a widespread disease of M.R.S.A. and poor economic balance.
by The_Dormant February 16, 2008

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