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Goth is a culture where the people embrace the darker side of life, as well as the lighter side. Although there are many types of Goths, it is very common for a Goth to fit into more than one of these 'groups'. Goth's, basically, like to be different and stand out from the crowd. There's Goth music, and not-Goth music. To be Goth, you don't JUST have to listen to Goth music and nothing else, you can listen to whatever the hell you want. Even though some of us might look a little strange, once you actually get to know some of us, we could be the nicest people you ever come across. So next time you see a Goth, think about who they are, not who they come across as.
Kid 1: Look at that weird goth kid!
Kid 2: Eww they're so weird, let's throw my milkshake at him!
Kid 3: No! Wait, you don't know what they're really like! They could be really nice!
Kid 1: I guess you have a point there...
Kid 2: Maybe we could make friends with him!
by The_Different_Girl@vf.com March 10, 2011

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