10 definitions by The_Dark_Side

A word emo/mainstream posers use without knowing its meaning
check out my converses, LEET!!!!!!
by The_Dark_Side May 08, 2005
A american marine camo pattern based almost completely on the canadian pattern known as cadpator Canadian Disruptive Pattern
George Bush: It was a great idea to steal the cadpat and adopt it into our forces, even thought we're the wealthiest and most powerfull country and we can afford to make our own shit
by The_Dark_Side May 08, 2005
Cardboard box on wheels
Most popular ricer

Every teenage wigger drives one and thinks its the shit
wigger: YO dog that ride is the shit! Is that a roof scoop from canadian tires? DAAAAAAAMN!
by The_Dark_Side May 08, 2005
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