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3 definitions by The_D0cT0r

A man either dating or married to a woman that is way too hot for him and you can not figure out why.
How did Lyle Lovett ever get Julia Roberts? I don't know, but he is the ultimate opstagler.
by The_D0ct0r May 08, 2011
A euphamism for a man with substantial pubic hairmasterbating.
"With that '70's dick fro you don't just masterbate you slug the bigfoot"
by The_D0ct0r August 21, 2011
Someone who takes multiple(3+) shits in one day!
Hey I think you must be over fibered, that is the 4th crap you've taken today you are becoming a PolyBomber!

He's the office PolyBomer, he shits a least once an hour!
by The_D0cT0r August 21, 2011