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Day-to-day clothing. Opposite of a work uniform/attire.
Melbin Toast- "Woah, check out John in his streets, i didn't know he wore slacks."

Seymour Duncan- "Yeah its odd to see him in his streets, im used to seeing him in only a white shirt and tie."

Melbin Toast- "I wonder when John is at home if his family says 'Hey look at dad in his works!' "

Seymour- "..."
by The_Buddy January 14, 2012
Blue eyes, very pretty blue eyes.
Aisha- "LaTisha, theres Bert! go talk to him!"

LaTisha- "I don't think he would want to! I'm so fugly"

Aisha- " Just go over to him, gaze into his eyes with your beautiful blues and he will be hypnotized"

LaTisha- "Alright, but let me finish my double cheeseburger first."
by The_Buddy January 12, 2010
Your peripheral vision. Also would account when somebody says "I caught it out of the corner of my eye".
Richard- "Dude, i saw Jacob eat your four piece chicken McNuggets"

Dave- "How? We were just making eye contact during this whole talk."

Richard- "I used my perif."

Dave- "Ohh, makes sense. But no biggie, them Nuggets were sprinkled with pet dander."
by The_Buddy August 21, 2011
A watch. Usually a high class watch, such as a Rolex, IWC, or other Swiss-made watch. However, a high dollar watch to the working class could be a Fossil, Nixon, or Guess.
John Jacob- "Woah, better check your wrist piece, we got to get to the House of Blues real soon! I don't want to miss the Bowling For Soup/Good Charlotte concert."

Martin- "I know, this traffic jam is at least a mile long. My $40,000 Platinum IWC Pilot watch reads 7:49. We got 11 minutes."

John Jacob- "Why is the traffic even backed up so far?"

Martin- "There is a grand opening of a Chik-Fil-A up ahead"

John Jacob- "Eet mor chikin"
by The_Buddy November 16, 2010
Vocal cords
Man alive, check out the pipes on Damon. He just sung the McDonalds jingle spot-on key!! I'm lovin' it!!
by The_Buddy December 29, 2013
Putting coins into a parking meter.
Albert was feeding the meter before he attended the volunteer soup kitchen brunch. Afterward he found a whole pot of broth poured into his gas tank. Epic homeless fail.
by The_Buddy June 18, 2011
The first side effect after one eats food from McDonald's. Soon to come is the McAche, McRuns, McSpits, McPuke, and finally the trip to the McRoom (Emergency Room).
Delroy- "Man, that super-sized Big Mac extra value meal killed me."

Jasonlin- "I know what your saying, after this meal i'm going to stop eating McDonald's due to the side effects from eating their food."

Delroy- (Puzzled) "Side effec...?" (pukes everywhere)

Jasonlin- "Still need a dictionary? ...Actually i think i have the McGurgles myself...hold on, i'm going to use the John."

Delroy- "I'm gunna hurt that Ronald clown if my McRoom visit is costly!!!"
by The_Buddy January 21, 2010
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