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The true meaning of ''Awesome'', When Perfect is Perfect its Preferbial Jizz!!

More than Brilliant, More than Amazing. More than A Huge Pair of Double 'J's' ! Its more awesome Than Awesome its self

Its no Lie to say that this word is so Amazing that God himself will get on his Knee's and Suck the Penis of ''Urban Dictionary''
Dude: OMFG That was Awesome!

Jack: Noo.. Dude, Its the Preferbial Jizz!

Dude: Yeeeerrrsss
by The_Bosh_Man May 17, 2010
Worst Footballer in a Group, Makes even the worst People look amazing at Football. The True example of Bad footballer =0

scared to tackle people, Kicks the ball away from everyone, cant Run, Prone to injury, Terrible goalkeeper.

Likes to blame other people for the ''Papness'' that truely is ''Webster''
Guy: Hey! Pass the Ball webster..

Webster: Cant!! Injured.. (But nothing has Happened?) =X
by The_Bosh_man May 06, 2010

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