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An Afro that can no longer hold its weight in the back making it fall down into a Frolet.

A contracton of Afro and Mullet.

A Mullet that also has the curlyness of an Afro.
Dude look at that Frolet.

That Frolet is making a bad name for Afros.
by The_begining November 01, 2010
Used in first person shooters, it is the act of shooting without the use of scopes, aiming, or zooming in. Aslo reffered to as No Scoping.
I killed this guy with a sniper by Hip Shooting.

I Hip Shot the hell out of this chick.
by The_Begining November 01, 2010
Where a person's art is shity and looks like a retarded baby did it.

AKA: Modern Art
A: Hey man look at my manga I made.
B: ...are u serious?... what are you Aurtistic?
by The_begining November 01, 2010
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