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Take on Australian slang the "Sausage Sizzle", where friends gather for a casual meal of sausages and hamburgers...the Sausage Jizzle is used similarly to a "Sausage Fest" in which an abundance of males gather in one place, with no female attendance. The term sausage comes from the male genetalia, while the word jizzle is no only a take on the word sizzle, but comes from the slang term used to describe semen.
Dude, this place is a Sausage Jizzle
by The_Angus_Experience July 24, 2007
Commonly referred to as "The Steven Angus Experience" is something that few will ever experience...Once used as a name for a clean-up group, the name quickly caught on and is now used world wide.
Come and be a part of the Angus Experience
by The_Angus_Experience May 03, 2007
An abbreviation of the word "douchebag", was once mispronouned, and has now caught on dramatically throughout an entire school system...commonly used in mathematics, when referring to the kid next to you, who just won't shut up!!!
Geez you're are such a douf
by The_Angus_Experience May 03, 2007

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