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Originally used as an act of revenge. Can be used in different versions and extremes. Hiding something smelly or gross inside another persons luggage, preferably buried underneath clean clothes
"Mike threw Todd in the river so when Todd got out to change he left his soaking wet muddy underwear buried in mikes luggage to surprise him with a Stinky Traveler upon his return home."
by TheZman August 17, 2010
This degrading sexual act was first done in the area of Hartford CT, it has been used many times both as a sex act and a way to end a relationship. It was created by a large group of men from Hartford while on a fishing trip in upstate New York and upon their return to CT several members used it for both purposes. It is when a man shits in their hand or picks up a piece of shit and then throws it in the face of a woman
During the heat of passion Todd gave Conis a Hartford Handgranade and she loved it."" After Jay caught his woman cheating on him, he surprised her at the door with a Hartford Handgranade!
by TheZman August 17, 2010
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