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Also known as RBS, this is a condition of uncontrollable ridiculous happiness. The name originates from the ability of those who suffer from RBS to get happy and excited about anything, even a pile of bricks.
Guy #1 to Girl: What are you smiling about?

Girl keeps smiling.

Guy #1 to Girl: No, but really, what are you smiling about?

Girl keeps smiling happily.

Guy #1: WTF!
Guy #2 whispers to Guy #1: She's got Red Brick Syndrome...
by TheWootWoot July 08, 2009
When an annoying person that you don’t want to hear from calls you late night.
Mary: It’s 2am and my phone is ringing, I wonder who it is…oh it’s a Bittle Call…forget it I won’t answer.
by TheWootWoot July 08, 2009
Taking a very long time going number 2 in the bathroom. Can also refer to filling the bathroom with bad smells.
He’s pulling a Hanny.

Other tenses:
I just Hannyized the bathroom.
There is some serious Hannyizing going on in there.

Please use some Hannytizer
by TheWootWoot July 08, 2009
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