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1 definition by TheWisestLad

MapleStory, commonly known as MapleDick, is a really gay Anime influenced game created by gay ass Korean game developers especially made for no lives who hibernate from Club Dickhead (formerly known as Club Penguin). Basically a rape MMOPOS(Massively Multiplayer Online Piece Of Shit) that promotes pedophilia and crap. Yeah, "pedophilia" because you have the ability to get married with 40-year old virgins that you've never met. "Crap", because you can buy items based off of shit, Poo stick, Golden Poo hat, etc. Hell, this game should be Rule 34'd, but it probably has been since it's been around for 5 years. That aside, you'll get addicted to it more than you'll get addicted to Marijuana. And if you, that's fine by me, you be happy with your 10+ year old noobs who masturbate to 16-bit pixels all day.
Representing "Pedophilia" in MapleDick(MapleStory):

Virgin Pedophile(IGN: B3M1N34EVUR): Hey, you're sexy, wanna get married and have super cyber sex on Skyper.

Innocent female 10 year old n00b(IGN: SupehPL0x): Eh, okay. What's Skype?

Virgin Pedophile(IGN: B3M1N34EVUR): N-nothing, let's go...

Innocent female 10 year old n00b(IGN: SuperPL0x): k



Representing faggots who play MapleDick(MapleStory):

Faggot Anime Gay Masturbater Guy: ZOMFG, dude you gotta suck Nexon's dick with me?

The friend WITH a life: Nah, I got to attend some after school programs.

Faggot Anime Gay Masturbater Guy: Aww, but it's soooo good. I mean the game is liek awesome. I get to suck Mushroom cock and play Octopus tentacles.

The friend WITH a life: No, man. That's gay. I'll spend my time on things that will benefit me, not a game that will eventually break down and leave me hanging there with a dead character. Okay, the game will die one day, and that day you'll piss yourself to sleep. Either get a life now, or you'll die with the game. Your choice, and if you go berserk, our friendship is over.

Faggot Anime Gay Masturbater Guy: I'll suck some Nexon dick now!! Tee hee, pfft, lawl, ahahahaha, -licks screen-

The friend WITH a life: I'm done...-hangs up phone and leaves to school-

The friend WITH a life is smart as shit, while the faggot is sucking major cock back there. Don't become a Nexon sex slave...seriously...
by TheWisestLad August 16, 2010