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11 definitions by TheWindSoldier

Crack usually mixed with beans and spices to give give it a spicy flavor.
Drug Dealer: Wanna buy some crack?
Crack Addict: Sorry man I only use Mexican Crack.
by TheWindSoldier April 11, 2010
18 8
Going poop without wiping your ass.
Bob: John, why do you smell like poop?
John: I took a fast shit!
by TheWindSoldier April 16, 2010
8 0
A person who has to take a shit ever half hour.
Bob: Wow John, you have to go to the bathroom all the time.
John: So....?
Bob: You must be a toilet Noob.
by TheWindSoldier April 20, 2010
7 1
A pickle covered in shit to give it a more pleasurable taste.
Bob: I don't like pickles!
Scott: Then try a shitpickle! Tastes way better that plain!
by TheWindSoldier May 08, 2010
13 24