56 definitions by TheWiggidy

When a man runs you over with a truck.
I was childrened by Bob in his new Mini Van!
by TheWiggidy October 11, 2003
He is a penguin that goes on many adventures like meeting new friends or eating Arctic Circle candy.
"I am Pokey the penguin!!!"
by TheWiggidy November 22, 2003
What you say if a grandma is flying towards you.
Person 1:Grandma!
Person 2:What?
by TheWiggidy November 01, 2003
What Homestar says to try and copy Strong Bad.
"Hey cwapface! Blow it out yur eawr!"
by TheWiggidy October 12, 2003
If you spell it backwords it's devil..think about it.
Mabye it means we're all gonna go to heck? WHO KNOWS?!?!
by TheWiggidy May 14, 2004
The ladies always say "Coach Z,how come you don't dance no more?"
Just gimme a chance to do a hip-hop dance!
by TheWiggidy May 08, 2004
Smoothies made with real fruit ^.^
"I said i'd buy the team real fruit smoothies if they won the game..and they won the game"
by TheWiggidy October 12, 2003

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