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Ned Flanders says it too much! O.O
Ned:Hi diddly!
Homer:Shut up,Flanders
by TheWiggidy October 11, 2003
He's Cletus,the slack jawed yokel!
by TheWiggidy October 30, 2003
1.A crunchy chocolate bar.
2.What a gir usually shouts when she's in bed with a guy named Henry.
1.Oh hungry,oh Henry!
by TheWiggidy November 02, 2003
Under your knee and over your foot.I like kicking people there.

Debbie has a pretty shin

by TheWiggidy October 10, 2003
A running bird that animals chase but will probably never catch because it's SO DANG FAST.
"Beep beep!" said the roadrunner.
by TheWiggidy April 09, 2004
A Pom from the Island of Pom,said to be the best Pom.
Best friends with Homestar Runner.
He makes bubble noises.
"Sewiously,Pom-Pom..." said Homestar.
"Bubble bubble bubble" said Pom-Pom.
by TheWiggidy April 22, 2004
A hillarious sock puppet on Muchmusic.Every year he hosts a show called "Fromage" which shows the worst videos of the year with him talking about them.HE IS ONE FUNNY SOCK.
"I'm Ed the Sock,and I'M ONE FUNNY SOCK"
by TheWiggidy April 09, 2004

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