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Combination of "moderator" and "megalomania"

When power goes to the head of a moderator of an online forum.

They start acting as though their intelligence, judgement and opinions are superior to non-moderators.

Common symptoms: talking down to people, patronising them, banning people who post opinions differing from their own, being cliquey with other moderators.
"That moderator banned me for disagreeing with his political opinions. He's in the advanced stages of moderatorlomania."

Mod: "Another word from you and it's BAN!"

Me: "Uh oh, moderatorlomania!"
by TheWeirdnessSymposium May 07, 2009
To cry

or, to nearly cry

or, to try not to cry but come very close
She got told off by the boss and went off for a lip quiver.

When he said I was his best friend I had a little lip quiver.

I didn't burst into tears but I did have a quick lip quiver.
by TheWeirdnessSymposium February 26, 2009
When someone appears to be nice, but their niceness is actually contrived and calculated solely to further their career.
"That guy from the boyband was really nice to my sister".

"Nah, it's just commercial niceness to help him sell more records".

"She was all happy and friendly to my face, but behind my back she was bitching about me"

"That's commercial niceness for you".

"I find Carol Smilie's brand of commercial niceness very irritating".

by TheWeirdnessSymposium March 25, 2009
When your boss takes you to a small room to give you a private ticking off or bollocking.
I came in twenty minutes late this morning and got small-roomed!

You had five pints in your lunch break? You're gonna get small-roomed!

The boss just small-roomed that new temp and she stormed out!

I wish the boss would small-room that lazy guy.

Called in sick and then went down the pub but got spotted. I'm expecting a small-rooming when I go back.
by TheWeirdnessSymposium March 14, 2009
The time the fun starts.



Party time.

Fun time.
As soon as we get down the pub and get the drinks flowing it'll be wacky races!

I got her back to mine and it was wacky races in no time!

We've got a few problems to sort, but once we have it'll be wacky races!

by TheWeirdnessSymposium February 21, 2009
To have a quick go of something.

To make a small start on a task.
"I'm just going to go on the computer and have a quick tickle."

Her: "Have you cleaned out the garage yet?"

Him: "No, but I've given it a tickle".

"I've got to sort out my finances - I'll give them a tickle later."

by TheWeirdnessSymposium April 19, 2009

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