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4 definitions by TheWakiPaki

How stupid people say pakistani
-Yo son were u from.
-I'm From Pakistan.
-O so ur Pakistinian.
-No I'm Pakistani.
by TheWakiPaki October 06, 2008
is a verb that can mean any of the following:1. to diss someone 2. to bang a girl 3. to beat up someone.
Damn u got pakid by the teacher. I pakid her in the backseat yesterday. I might have to paki his ass after school.
by TheWakiPaki March 11, 2008
When you see someone or something from far away.
Yo I saw you on the horizon the other day at the mall.
by TheWakiPaki October 06, 2008
Greatest word ever made. For the definition see to paki
You just got pakid by Mrs. Washabaugh.
by TheWakiPaki April 24, 2008