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-Emoticon for the word brohoof.
(made famous from the love of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.)
-Meant to symbolize two hooves clopping together in a sort of high five/fist pound.
Brony 1: Dude, the latest episode of FiM was kick-ass!
Brony 2: You know it, bro. /)(\
by TheVurdmeister October 20, 2011
A sarcastic response to someone's unfortunate upcoming situation.
Corey: Hey man, where you headed?
Mike: Fucking physics class...
Corey: Have fun! :D
by TheVurdmeister July 23, 2011
The time it takes for an install/download/etc to complete. The download may state "15 minutes" but in computer minutes it's at least 20 or more, depending on the estimated time.
Corey: Alright, torrenting the whole season now.
Dylan: Awesome, and in only 40 minutes?
Corey: More like 60 computer minutes.
*group sigh*
by TheVurdmeister July 23, 2011
The vegetarian version of beat your meat or to jack off, masturbate, or pleasure yourself.
Matt: Dude, I got major blue balls, girl turned out to be a carnivore.
Ian: No worries man, treat your beet!
by TheVurdmeister July 23, 2011
A more vulgar use of the word "whatnot". Used when describing a list of things you don't like/ don't like doing.
Guy: Yeah, at work I usually just file paperwork and fucknot.
by TheVurdmeister July 23, 2011
The instance where you turn on music/video/etc on a mac computer while you're at class/work/in public and realize how loud it is when you first press play. Immediately following is the "Panic Beeps" where you slam the volume key numerous times to lower it before you offend someone/get caught.
*class in progress*
Girl: (thinks: Ooh! New Katy Perry song! Must listen!)
Girl: EEP!
Mac: BEEP BEEP BEEp BEep Beep beep beep!
Girl: (thinks: fucking Panic Beeps made it worse...)
by TheVurdmeister August 10, 2011

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