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1 definition by TheVendingMachineUSA

The name of a girl (usually brunette) whom is slutty, insecure, spoilt, conceited, superficial, and attention-seeking.

She loves glitz & glamour, taking/editing photos of herself & caking on makeup.

She wants to be glorified, worshipped, famous, desired, adored & idolised. She wants men to want her & women to want to be her. She thinks fame will get her a guy & solve her low self-esteem & problems. Therefore this girl will try and become a model or actress.
Person1: What do you call a girl who wants to be desired, loves attention and puts on too much makeup?
Person2: That would be Désiré. All in all the worst kind of girl you could deal with.
by TheVendingMachineUSA April 30, 2013