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The side to a main dish such as the fries with a burger or the chips with a hot dog.
Bill:"Hey that meal looks really big, are you gonna eat all that?"
Veronica:"Are you saying that you want my goldigak?"
Bill:"Uh, yeah i guess"
by TheUrbanNinja January 02, 2011
When your thumb is wiggling around with a glob of sweet potatoes on top of it.

Also a night time dish with almonds baked into a waffle
Dude, your sister has a wacky thumb and now my dog smells like sweet potatoes.

Hey, are you gonna eat that wacky thumb?
by TheUrbanNinja January 01, 2011
1. A stealthy South African tortoise which lives in the Tropical Rainforest of Mongolia.

2. An endangered species of blue winged parakeets that eat whales.
"Dude look at the Giant Land Tortoise over there"
"Thats not a Giant Land Tortoise, that a Galapagos Turtle!"

Bill:"Those Giant Land Tortoise are endangered"
by TheUrbanNinja January 01, 2011

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