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1) Term that is used in Springfield, IL to describe a homosexual police officer.

2) A person who, while playing World Of Warcraft, disenchants all their gear claiming to be quitting then returns to playing the game at a later time.

3) A term used to describe a Warrior who lack any and all talent.

4) A term for one who, when in possetion of a Thunderfury Binding, either: quits WoW, /quits, or attempts to disenchant it with their other gear.

5) A black person that gets sexually excited when eating KFC.
1) Yo, that cop that pulled me over was a real "trueasitis"

2) WTF why did he have to pull a "trueasitis" and DE his shit?!?!

3)I just kicked that pugged warrior because he was a complete "trueasitis" and could not tank worth a shit because he was using a freaken skinning sword as a weapon.

A: HAHA thanks for the bindings noobs. /gquit
B: omfg he just pulled a "trueasitis"

5) Dude jerome is becomes such a "trueasitis" every time we take him to KFC
by TheUnknownProphetOf680 November 26, 2006

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