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A one eyed smiley, used by only the awesomest people to replace the mainstream two eyed smiley. Was made to honour all the people with one eye.
Brandon: I just found out that I'm pregnant .D
Drake: Hahaha that's funny. You can't get pregnant, you're a guy!
Brandon: I actually was going to talk to you about that...
Drake: ...
by TheUnicornStealer December 12, 2011
By far one of the awesomest guys you'll ever meet. Speaks Swedish, Retardish, and English. Supringsly cute for a Chinese guy .D!!! Really fun to hang around, and extremely hilarious though sometimes his epic donkey/hyeena laugh is way funnier then his jokes. Able to make you smile, even at times when it seems like that's the last thing you'd ever be able to do. Likes to have dance parties in closets with unicorns and somehow the unicorns and him are able to dance to songs by Skillet and says "KIN'S SO SMALL!!!" every five seconds.
Definately a person worth spending your time with.
Brandon: Oh hey can I borrow some notes for tommorow's test?
Drake: Yeah sure definatel-
Brandon: KIN'S SO SMALL!!!
by TheUnicornStealer December 12, 2011
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