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Mortal, meaning can die, and Kombat, meaning -well- to fight.
Shao Kahn, Shang Stung, GOro, Kintaro, Quan Shi, to name a few well know 'bad guys' in an epic game that has given birth to a whole new genre of computer gaming! Without it i would curl up into a little ball and weep...
Example? You want an EXAMPLE??!! You can's HANDLE and example!!!!
by TheUltimateFreakMobile January 12, 2005
Pertaining to a PaChewy Chum of a snack (see another Urban Dictiornary Def. for: PaChewy Chum) rich in sugary goodness, and often a nutty center. Mmmmmm.... Snizzle Bar!
"Damn, this Snizzle Bar be good!", or "Stick this Snizzle Bar up your fat ass, Bitch!"
by TheUltimateFreakMobile January 12, 2005
A term of indearment towards another fellow FREAK!
"PaChum, PaChewy Chum",
by TheUltimateFreakMobile January 12, 2005

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