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A small isolated bubble located in Irving, TX. Where excessive study and UD nerdy jokes are passed around at a near continual rate. The students here can makes jokes about about Homer, Plato, and Dante and no outsider will laugh....ever. Majors include practical studies in philosophy, english, and the classics. The coolest thing is the cap bar! Students here believe "the groundhog" to be a sacred animal and dedicate a whole night of drinking to it. Frisbee and Rugby are the only sports people care about. Freshman live in highly stereotyped dorms. Sophomores live in "The New Dorm." Upperclassmen live in the glorified dump across the street known as "Old Mill." Students look forward to Rome because they can spend the semester drinking and not have to worry about Campus "Safety" Officers catching them. It has a set of core classes that everyone complains about. No Lit Trad paper is started until the night it is due. The most beautiful thing about the campus is the tower nicknamed, "the Penis of Las Colinas." Students each in "The Rat."
A UD student will get the joke, "Glaucon likes the dark ones."

The University of Dallas is a bubble community.
by TheUDguy April 19, 2011

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