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When someone "banff"s a dude. To banff is to punch someone in the lady junk. To manff is to punch someone in the man junk.
Phil: "I will banff you if you say that one more time."
Curtis: "No, dude, you will manff me."
by TheTrenchWench December 28, 2010
A hard core female Marianas Trench fan. Often found in the front row at Marianas Trench concerts (aka The Moat). Likes pirates, kills ninjas, and is indestructible.
Carol: "Awww! I wish I was up front in the moat like a true trench wench!"

Sally: "Ow! My rib cage hurts from being pushed up against the stage! It is worth it though! Especially because I'm at a Marianas Trench concert!"
Bob: "You're such a Trench Wench!"
by TheTrenchWench July 05, 2010

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