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A TDM is a Temporary Distraction Measure.

Temporary Distraction Measures are the process by which Politicians and the Mainstream Media distract the population from the important things they're doing that affects everybody, A.K.A. Multi-trillion dollar spending binges.

The TDM is the process or smokescreen they use to cover the event up or make it inconsequential. A.K.A, Swine Flu, drug cartels in Mexico, Taliban in Pakistan, E-coli contamination in Peanuts...
"Dude! Did you buy a mask to keep from getting swine flu?"

"Nah, I'm not worried about it, it's a T.D.M to keep us from thinking about all those billions of dollars of our money they're handing out left and right to bankrupt businesses."
by TheTempoTemple May 02, 2009
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