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Located in Kensington, Maryland, Einstein High is rich in opposites. It's like Freaks and Geeks. There are the poor Newport Mill kids, the IB kids, the few rich wannabes (to be avoided), and the VAC/theatre kids (you might think they're cool, but be careful: most of them are into Homestuck). 50% of the students at Einstein are Hispanic and all the white kids think that's a real hoot.

Einstein is nicknamed "Crimestein" because of a few incidents that happened six years ago. It's pretty boring now.

To incoming freshmen: Mrs. Carballo's class is hell and it will make you cry. Also, don't think you'll be the only one who takes all the tough classes-- every white kid does.

Oh, and you can't wear hats.
8th grader: I'm so excited to go to Albert Einstein High School next year!
High school student: Oh, you mean Crimestein?
by TheTeachersAreNiceThough November 05, 2012

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