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When someone's shorts are so incredibly short, they are in fact negative.
Oh my... have you seen amanda's negative shorts? But Kayla certainly takes the gold for most negative shorts.
by TheSharpieCult May 24, 2010
A person who claims to know many bands, mostly of the Indie variety, though only knows about a maximum of two songs per band. A band skimmer will claim to "love" said band, but when asked about other songs by them, they will either pretend to know another song that they "can't seem to think of right now" or simply state that they aren't aware of any other songs by them. In order to be classified a band skimmer, the person in question must claim to know a great number of bands. In addition to false claims of musical knowledge, a band skimmer will try to mooch music off of you. If you are playing a quality playlist, they will suggest you give them a list of songs on your playlist instead of actually taking the time to broaden their musical horizon as an actual music guru will do. Band skimmers tend to be heavily into main stream music as well, and many are "popular." (See 'Poser')
Some examples of the bands they may claim to know include (but are not limited to):
-Animal Collective
-Counting Crows
-Neutral Milk Hotel
-Bob Marley (seriously people, he has more albums than just Legend...)
-Ray LaMontagne
-Broken Bells
-Belle & Sebastian
-The Shins
Music Guru: "I love Ray LaMontagne! His voice is like candy to my ears."

Band Skimmer: "I know right?! 'You Are The Best Thing' is so good!"

Music Guru: "'Let It Be Me' is most definately my all-time favorite."

Band Skimmer: "What? I haven't heard that one."

Music Guru: "What about 'Trouble'?"

Band Skimmer: "....."
by TheSharpieCult April 29, 2010
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