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Extreme fans of the band Blood on the Dance Floor or BOTDF for short. The group usually consist of 10 - 16 year old girls and boys, who have a strange infactuation for the band memebers Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe. Their obsessions will expand far enough to the point of retardation. These girls and boys will litterally throw away any form of intelligence just to represent this horrid band.

BOTDF is litterally the music equivalant to ripping ass. There is no logically reason to like this band. They don't sing or even scream well. They talk random, douchebag jibberish into a microphone and then allow their child molesting producer auto-tune it.

The Slash Gash Terror Crew or "SGTC" supports this band to the fullest extent with out any logical explanation or hesitation. They are true die hards, but that's what makes them retarded.

SGTC is the most hypocritical thing on this planet. They commonly use to accronym "PLUR" (Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect), but SGTC members are frequently seen spewing random insults at non-fans, threatening people, and attempting to be "the baddest bitch on the block".

If you come across a young scenster whose wearing a BOTDF t-shirt, with a rat nest for hair, and spewing random dribble about how she wants to marry Dahvie or Jayy, please, do the world a favor and toss the twat into the nearest pit of venomous snakes.

Stewie Griffin: I might kill you tonight.

Blood on the Dance Floor BOTDF Scene Kids Emo
by TheSecretGoldfish January 23, 2012

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