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A Russian born, American raised popular actor who is currently 20 years old. He's been in movies like Charlie Bartlett (Charlie) T4 (Kyle Reese) Star Trek XI (Chekov) and Feirce People (Finn) and like many more.
He started acting when he was 10 and has been in like 30 tv/movies roles since then.
He is an only child, plays the guitar and pianto, likes reading and playing chess and is very smart. And oh he happens to be the most beautiful and gorgeus human being on the planet. In both looks and personality.

In the next 2 or 3 years he's gonna be in atleast 3 movies. This guy is fucking amazing.
Anton Yelchin is fucking perfect.
by TheSanestFangirl December 18, 2009
a somnophiliac (person with somnophilia) is a person who had a fetish for touching/caressing a person sexually when they are asleep or unconsious. This can also include sleep rape or oral sex which is understandable.

I think the main reason for this fetish is cause of the cute vunerablity of the sleeping person.
I myself am a somnophiliac. I have this odd overpowering fantasy involving me in a relationship with Anton Yelchin and i ... touch him amorously when hes sleeping.
by TheSanestFangirl December 18, 2009

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