2 definitions by TheRealist64

Retards Over Crediting Krud

The only good rock music is classic rock

Whats also funny is that black people started it in its purest form, yet ignorant racist people dont know that
Guy 1:Rock music FTW Rap sucks

Guy 2:Yes because giving people vague history lessons is better than subjects that are actually relevant to society -__-
by TheRealist64 July 27, 2011
The greatest music on the planet. Actually takes skill and has a variety of topics at hand. Caspers talk so much shit about it because theyre mad that its spreading worldwide.
Casper: Rap Music sucks! It takes no talent and all sounds the same!

Rational Person: So screaming about nothing, banging drums, and strumming chords is better than people who actually have to take in account of melody, lyricism, tone, and breathe control? Im sorry that people actually want to listen to music thats relevant and covers multiple topics
by TheRealist64 July 27, 2011

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