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3 definitions by TheRealSuperAIDS

A Jonas Funnel is where you place a satellite dish around your neck like used on dogs. Then you have people jack off into the dish like a bukkake. The dish causes all the semen to flow down towards your face and head.
I was watching this crazy japanese porn last night and they were doing a bukakke but then they took it to the next level with a Jonas Funnel.
by TheRealSuperAIDS July 15, 2009
A dumbo drop is similar to a rusty trombone. It is where you are receiving a handjob while the person is licking or eating out your asshole. However, what makes it a dumbo drop is the act of defecating while they are doing this.
Man, this girl last night was nasty. While she was giving me a rusty trombone I had to shit so I decided... fuck it... I'll just dumbo drop her.
by TheRealSuperAIDS July 15, 2009
A fun house is when you poke many holes in a large box. Then a person gets in the box. Then men place their penises through the holes in the box. Kind of like a box of glory holes.
This gay club I heard about wanted more glory holes but ran out of bathroom stalls so they just made a fun house.
by TheRealSuperAIDS July 15, 2009