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Fuck You Pay Me
A contractor to a company would say,

"I don't care what don't like about it. Its done and I'm not changing it, fupm."
by TheRealHarmor July 11, 2009
When you take off work to to take care of a new litter of kittens.
Jason will be out for the rest of the week on meowernity leave. His cat, Wiskers, just gave birth.
by TheRealHarmor May 25, 2016
A more extreme and forceful version of Fark's gbtw meaning "Get The Fuck Back To Work".

This is usually a final reply to a long series of useless or unproductive statements to encourage a group to return to their jobs.
STOP wasting time you fucktards.


Or I'll fire all you fucks and replace you with monkeys.
by TheRealHarmor April 10, 2011
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