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11 definitions by TheRabidRhino

Word used to explain anything that is of an intensely disgusting quality.
Reading Ayn Rand is like eating vaginal diarrhea.
by TheRabidRhino November 20, 2003
23 19
A joke that is made in a vain attempt at being funny, but really just makes people very sad.
Oh, shit, man. That's not funny. You just pulled a whoopi.
by TheRabidRhino November 30, 2003
8 21
A sexual act in which an individual sucks on a used tampon during intercourse.
Did you see those new internet pictures of Dave Coulier lollipopping Whoopi Goldberg's tampax?
by TheRabidRhino May 10, 2004
14 79
Exclamation used when someone has had a psychic encounter and now wishes to kill themself because they realize that they are a terribly annoying actress.
I don't know what half of a thousand is! That's so Raven!
by TheRabidRhino December 01, 2003
84 229