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Someone who is always creeping in the back of a production (i.e., a music video, group, play, etc.) who isn't really involved or doing anything productive but still acts like he's the main show.
"For real, who is that guy with the weird face who's in all these music videos? I've seen him in the background of probably fifty-plus music videos of over a dozen artists but he's never doing anything, just standing there smoking weed and rubbing his hands together."

"Wow, sounds like a real Birdman."
by TheProphecy February 23, 2012
You only zing once. From the movie Hotel Transylvania, used between the vampire Mavis and the human Jonathan. Used to mean that you only fall in love with that one person who just perfect for you once.
Girlfriend: "I'm so glad we're in love. We're so lucky. We're perfect for each other!"

Boyfriend: "I know, right? After all, YOZO!"
by TheProphecy February 09, 2013

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