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A homosexual that is being led on by an overly sensitive non-homosexual friend. In the end the homosexual is let down and retreats into misery. Made popular by the relationship of Froto Baggins and his wanna be lover, Samwise Gangee. In the end Sam gets married, Baggins is crushed, and sails of to God-knows-where if elfin fairy land.
Joe: Bill is so broke up about Steve.

Phil: I know, he's such a baggins.
by ThePope January 19, 2005
a. Usually follows scientific jargon. Can be used with hoyven or glaven.
A term originating with Jerry Luis and recently made popular by the scientist on The Simpsons.

b. A versitle term used to generally describe or name an noun.

c. A word one says to oneself for the sheer enjoyment of its sound.
a. Simply put the power conversion on this module has a capacity and stability of a gamma tested proton ye hoven-flaven.

b. Joe: Ready for our camping trip Phil?

Phil: Yeah, I got the tent, the sleeping bags, the food, and the flaaaaven.

c. Hooooyvenfllaaaaaaaven flaaaveny flaven. Gooyvenyenfleaven!
by ThePope January 19, 2005
shitty food
Lets go to Mcdonalds for lunch.
"Fuck it, I'd rather eat the ass out of a dead skunk than that slumgullion
by thepope April 25, 2004
To get thoroughly intoxicated to the point where nothing matters anymore. This often includes blacking out.
Kenny: "Hey, man, what are you doing after finals?"
Keith: "I'm about to get excommunicated..."
Kenny: "Hell yeah."
by thePope July 11, 2013
to be very pissed off
I had the ass after I got hit in the face with a bloody tampon
by thepope April 25, 2004
The ultimate lunchbox or box.
Joe: Tyler is a lunchbox.

Phil: Yeah, I know. He's the Boximus Maximus.
by ThePope January 19, 2005

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