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A grown man who acts like a teenager.
Hurrrrrr durrrr I did something stupid but its funny because I am 40 years old. ~Rob Dyrdek
by ThePainterofMen0o1 February 09, 2013
A narcissistic animated cup on the show Aqua Teen Hunger Force, or the newer, worse Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1. He enjoys terrorizing meatwad, dressing up as super heroes, being a smart alec, and just conditioning himself w/ love. He can't help that he's so awesome.
Master Shake loves to have sexual relations with women, he just can't find any in his neighborhood.
by ThePainterofMen0o1 January 18, 2012
When the world has nothing to offer you, and you have nothing to offer the world.
You are trapped in your own mind and no one can understand or help: you have depression. :'(
by ThePainterofMen0o1 February 10, 2013
The 8th largest city in Missouri, which no one has heard of. It is "famous" for being the birthplace of the Pony Express, Eminem, Walter Cronkite, and a couple of NFL players. Also home of THE MWSU. Meh, it's a decent place to live. The air quality is terrible however and it will be the death of us all.
Taking jogs at night in St. Joseph, MO is like trying to breathe on Mars without a spacesuit.
by ThePainterofMen0o1 January 22, 2013
Some ignorant dribble that Kanye West spewed out in a Beyonce song. lol
You a bad girl and your friends bad too. We got the swag so she drippin' swag? Ew.
by ThePainterofMen0o1 January 18, 2012
The best online poker player of 2011. His name is Griffin Benger, also played cs professionally.
Flush_Entity loves raising with suited connectors. Who doesn't?
by ThePainterofMen0o1 January 18, 2012
A gimmick band that fell off the map that no one misses.
The barenaked ladies haven't been relevant for a long time, as evidenced by the dates of definitions on this page.
by ThePainterofMen0o1 September 06, 2013

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