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It's a somewhat degrading way to call someone a "sister" because at the same time you're calling them a man.
Christopher + Sister = Sistopher.
Just like Joseph + Brother = Broseph.
Guy: What's up Sistopher?
Girl: -________- Nothing BROSEPH.
Guy: Lol wow. Really?
Girl: Yesh :b
#sister #sis #christopher #name #degrading name
by TheOppositeOfYou November 27, 2011
The act of being a thug, living a thug life, or wearing thugnasty kicks.
If you don't know what Thugin' It is, you're obviously not Thugin' It and have never been Thugin' It.
#thug life #thug #scooby doos #kicks #thugnasty
by TheOppositeOfYou October 28, 2011
A moment in any relationship where awkwardness is clearly present.
You can clearly see the awkwardness in conversations such as this below.

Guy: ._. I have no idea what to say.. We haven't broken the awkward barrier yet. And I'm totally gonna define "awkward barrier" right now :]
Girl: Awesome. Do it.
Guy: I will.
Girl: Awesome. Lmao
Guy: It's awesome how you use the word "awesome" a lot..
#awkward #awkward friendship #ummm #fail #awkward moment
by TheOppositeOfYou November 20, 2011
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