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A scouse bastard that got 15 years in a dirty Bulgarian jail for murdering an innocent waiter with a brick, in Liverpool you see many people with 'Free Michael Shields' Signs. These should be replaces with 'MICHAEL SHIELDS 10 MORE YEARS!'
YouTube: Michael Shields to see some guy taking the piss
by TheOneYouHate June 01, 2009
Liverpool is a large city in northwest England, possibly best known for the two rival Football teams, Liverpool and Everton.

The people of Liverpool are generally known as 'Scousers', most of them are unemployed, partly because of Asians coming into the city, but mostly because most of them lack general skills, I would say 67% of Scousers receive 'Dole', 30% sell drugs and the other 3% are hard working individuals.

Liverpool does have its small handful of decent, helpful people, but the majority are scum that ride around on cheap pushbikes wearing Nike Airmax or PUMA tracksuits. The accent is highly annoying and sounds extremely aggresive. Mind you, many Scousers are highly aggresive and like to act hard whenever possible. Although when they do end up in a fight, they get completely leathered, because of the fighting skills they lack.

'Scousers' and 'Mancs' are natural enemies and like to argue and fight whenever possible, Mancs are alot like Scousers, Eg. The unemployment I mentioned earlier, Aggresive. They constantly argue about Football etc and like to boast about their 'Fighting Skills' to each other.

One Scouser you probably would of heard of is ''Michael Shields'', A Scouse bastard that murdered a Bulgarian.

Type into YouTube:
'Liverpool Gangs'
'Crocky Crew', They show you their BB Gun :O
'Hawthorne Riot Squad'
'Michael Shields' < The Scouse bastard that killed a Bulgarian with a brick because of his aggression.
by TheOneYouHate May 31, 2009

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